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Retro DVDs collection! Do you still have the possibility to watch DVDs? You are in a good place and we have something special for you! 


“Weave it yourself” is a series of how-to DVDs, where Polish master basket makers, traditional folk artists, present the methods of creating particular baskets and other objects. The tutorials can be used for self-learning, as they show the whole process step by step. Thanks to the videos, everyone can learn to weave on their own.  


Watch basket makers presenting a vast range of materials and techniques! The films contain English subtitles. 

And also - a retro poster (like in the old times)! We love pretty details. 


Four tutorial movies in a one pack: 

1. Willow fruit basket 

If you dream of your own willow basket, you can watch this film to learn how to weave a green willow basket with a round base. On the basis of this technique, you can weave other shapes of baskets too. The basket is presented by Grzegorz Gordat from the region of Lublin, who has already gained the title of the Master of Tradition despite his young age. You can weave your own basket with him!  Duration: 73 minutes 


2. Cattail shopping basket 

A beautiful shopper bag made of an unusual material – bulrush, also called cattail (Typha latifolia). Helena Rogala, our Queen of Cattail, will teach you how to make a bag like this step by step. See how this material is cut and what the shopper looks like. 

Duration: 66 minutes 


3. Kabłącok basket 

This is the only basket on the Polish List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is semicircular with a flat wall and small legs, supported by a bow frame, made of unbarked willow. Kabłącok baskets are woven in the unique Lucimia – village of basket weavers. The basket is presented by Basketry Master Czesław Kostka. Take a look at kabłącok! Duration: 56 minutes 


4. Sewn straw basket 

Sewing with rye straw is a typical technique in the region of Podlasie in Poland. The video is a step-by-step tutorial showing how to weave with straw. This technique can be used to make, for example, your own bread basket. The instructions are presented by Basketry Master Zoja Majstrowicz.  Duration: 58 minutes 


Also: a hand painted poster: step by step how to make a basket, by Dinksy_ .

You can pay for online access to the videos – check it out here. 

If you want to find out more about our work – subscribe to Serfenta’s YouTube channel!

Production: Serfenta Association  

Camera and editing: Krystian Pisowicz 

Language: Polish  

Subtitles: English 

Medium: DVD  

Helena Rogala

Basketry Master Helena Rogala – Cattail Queen – one of the last remaining basket makers who weave unique cattail bags for us. More than 10 years ago, Serfenta became fascinated with the unusual Polish basketry material – cattail, also called bulrush, typha latifolia. 


During the expeditions in search of basketry masters, we found the master Helena Rogala, called cattail queen, who weaves typha precisely and beautifully like no one else. And we began our long-term cooperation and friendship with her. Serfena has cooperated with Helena for 13 years. Along with her family, she cuts cattail manually in muddy ponds. Each blade is cut by hand with a sickle by Helena and her family. Then the heavy bundles are taken out and transported to the garden, where they season in large stacks until summer. The harvest lasts all day or several days. Then she cleans the material uses it to weave. Helena’s bags are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions.


Take a look at the cutting process!  

Join the only cattail weaving workshop at Serfenta this year!  

Meet Helena Rogala as you stay at home – buy a tutorial DVD and see how the bag is made


Helena’s bags are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. By purchasing them, you support local Polish craft and Basketry Master Helena directly. 

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Grzegorz Gordat

Grzegorz Gordat – a young Basketry Master who weaves using top-quality willow. He is an incredibly talented basket maker – there is nothing he couldn’t weave. What’s more, he knows everything there is to know about willow. To make szyszak baskets, he uses wooden moulds. White willow is obtained through the natural process of submerging fresh material in water for a few weeks, which makes it less accessible and more unique. No chemical agents are used in the process of whitening!  


Order a tutorial video to see how Basketry Master Grzegorz Gordat weaves a willow basket step by step.  

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These products are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. By purchasing them, you support local Polish craft and Polish Basketry Masters. You also support us – thanks to your order, we can organise basketry workshops. Come and join them! 


What you will find in our shop:  

100% handmade 

0% mass production – all the items are one of a kind 

Polish craftspeople 

tradition and modernity 

products for a good, long life. 


Some of the accessories are made on the basis of our own ideas: e.g. the needles, the apron, or the moulds. 

We draw inspiration from the vast experience of the best basket makers. 


Order a basketry workshop for groups for your institution!

Order a DIY kit for straw weaving.  

Order basketry materials or tutorial videos.  



Would you like to find out more about us? Visit: http://serfenta.pl/en/

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