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Wooden giant basket

Raw hazel from the wood

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Wooden Giant! 

This unusual basket is full of secrets. It’s made of wooden strips of hazel which makes it the only wooden basket in our collection. The knowledge of our master Stanisław is crucial in its creation. It is based on excellent knowledge of the area, as well as experience supported by several decades of work by a craftsman.


Weaving materials are obtained from specific, selected places. There is no randomness here. Hazel giants comes from the south-east of Poland, the Subcarpathian region. Knowing the properties of wood, our master knows exactly what he is looking for in nature. The material is devided into stripes, but before that it is heated in a stove at a very high temperature. It allows to achieve the required flexibility of the wood, which then enables further manual work with only one tool - a knife. 


This procedure is similar to making the Oak Dragon Basket. The basket maker works in a smoky workshop and heat-bends the wood. No other basket is produced this way. Oak baskets are no longer made – but you can have your own hazelwood basket. Hazelwood is much more delicate and brighter. It had contact only with nature: with human hands, the fertile soil of the Subcarpathian forests and the heat coming out of the stove. 


Its structure is hand-bent, which requires a lot of strength. The wood is raw and uncoated. The the artisan, master Stanisław has vast and detailed knowledge about local nature and environment and he chooses the wood based on that. In order to acquire and pass it on, we spent many days with him in his workshop. Now his secrets are enchanted in this rare basket.


The production of this basket is determined by the rhythm of nature. To obtain the material, the basket maker needs to adapt the weaving to the natural cycle of the year and excellent knowledge of forests, fields and meadows of selected regions of Poland.


This the largest of Serfenta’s basket – it’s 80 cm long. This basket is a collector’s item.


We can offer this basket to you thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. By purchasing it, you support local Polish craft and Basketry Master Stanisław directly. 

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(length x width x heigh) 

Large 80 cm x 52 cm x 24 cm 1500 g 




Stanisław Mroczka

Basketry Master Stanisław Mroczka learned his basketry skills from his father. He gathers hazel wood with his hands and then spends hours in his home workshop, weaving baskets with his family.  


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Stanisław’s baskets are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. This is a Polish product made by a Basketry Master.  

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