Pine roots basket

Raw and wild, unique item

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Pine roots basket is a really unique piece.

It’s made by the oldest basket maker in our team of the masters – Alexander is almost 90 years old. 


All parts of this unique item are natural. They come from eastern Poland’s forests, what makes this basket absolutely local. This basket is made of wood – pine roots combined with a hazelwood structure. All baskets made of tree roots require a very long and advanced making process.


Pine roots basket has an irregular, completely natural shape. Wild, hand-picked materials make each product different. Its interior is raw – in contrast, its exterior is very smooth. The irregularity doesn’t mean that it was made carelessly – in fact, nature itself created this shape, and the wild material was manually adjusted by the craftsman. 


The wood was processed by a knife and human hands, nothing else – just a simple, raw processing of roots extracted from the depths of woods in the east of Poland. Pinewood has a unique, warm colour – much different from other types of wood, which are usually rather cold (compare with a hazel Giant basket). Pinewood will lighten and warm up your home.


Master Alexander was one of the heroes of the Craft Tour Poland of Serfenta in 2019. We took our partners from Japan to his workshop to experience the severity and naturalness of creating these unique baskets. 


We can offer this basket to you thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. This is a Polish product made by a Basketry Master. By purchasing it, you support local Polish craft and Basketry Master Aleksander directly. 

Goes well with other unique items in our collection - check Zogata root basket.

Material: basket made of pine roots, construction - frame made of hazel wood.

The basket is 100% handmade, so the dimensions may vary by about 1-2 cm. 


Diameter  Height with a handle
30 cm 34 cm


Aleksander Bielak

Mistrz Aleksander Bielak to najstarszy mistrz w naszym zespole mistrzów, ma już prawie 90 lat. Przez całe życie wyplata z korzenia sosny.  Ręcznie pozyskuje, ścina, czyści i przygotowuje materiały do wyplatania. Jego warsztat jest wyjątkowy, razem z nami odwiedzili go nasi partnerzy z Japonii - sklep Kagoamidori z Tokio, żeby poznac jego pracę. Organizujemy w Polsce Crat Tour - wyprawy do mistrzów polskiego plecionkarstwa, a także Craft Toury do np. Norwegii. 


Kupisz u nas unikatowe kosze z korzenia sosny wyplecione przez tego mistrza. 


Jego kosze znajdują się w naszym sklepie dzięki wieloletnim przyjaźniom nawiązanym podczas  plecionkarskich podróży Serfenty. Kupując go, wspierasz lokalne rzemiosło i bezpośrednio mistrza Aleksandra.

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