Willow tape

Natural weaving material

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Willow tape for straw sewing is a type of handmade brown willow tape. 

You can use this natural and beautiful tape to weave using the straw sewing technique. If you use the light-coloured splints and you’re looking for a different colour to add some variety to your works, this tape is a perfect solution for you.  


Remember: before weaving, willow tape must be soaked in water.  

See how to thread the tape through the basketry needle!

One coil is enough to make a basket using the straw sewing technique.  

You can also buy basketry tools (needles), an apron to wear while weaving, and other materials, such as willow splints or tape.  

Take a look at the DIY kit for straw weaving and try your hand at it! 

The willow coil you can buy in our shop weighs 300 g and is enough to make a straw basket.