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Craft experience - all you want to know about the unique cattail material


We propose you a day full of craft experience with about an unique materials – cattail. We propose a workshop with theory an practise. We are going to share with you the knowledge about plant materials and also skills in the practical part – weaving.


Cattail (pałka wodna, typha latifolia).  We gathered an special knowledge for many years, we know the plant, the basketry material and it’s possibilities. You will know how to wet it, how to clean it, how to collect and how to prepare it, and finally – how to weave. We transfer the knowledge possesed from our masters of basketry - Helena Rogala and Stefania Suchora. 


We are going to show you many different products and techniques connected with cattail. We are leading workshops for Academies od Fine Art in Poland for many years, so we know how to work in a new, design way. 


You can also buy this material for your own experiment in our shop.


Cattail is a plant material, handcuted in the small lakes, it is a waterplant. We are preparing a dry material in a special way, which we know from our masters of basketry. We are going to squizz it, crush it, hammer it and check it in many ways. We are going to use tools prepared with our local blacksmith.


Traditionally basket makers make bags and hats of cattail, take a look. Visit our workshop place and experience cattail with us in Cieszyn, the slow city on the border!


We prepared also a group workshop for designers, check it here.




These products are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. By purchasing them, you support local Polish craft and Polish Basketry Masters. You also support us – thanks to your order, we can organise basketry workshops. Come and join them! 


What you will find in our shop:  

100% handmade 

0% mass production – all the items are one of a kind 

Polish craftspeople 

tradition and modernity 

products for a good, long life. 


Some of the accessories are made on the basis of our own ideas: e.g. the needles, the apron, or the moulds. 

We draw inspiration from the vast experience of the best basket makers. 


Order a basketry workshop for groups for your institution!

Order a DIY kit for straw weaving.  

Order basketry materials or tutorial videos.  



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