Personal straw workshop

Spiral-knot technique for one person

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We invite you to an individual basketry workshop in Serfenta. Make a BOWL/ BASKET  OF STRAW with us, it's 100% natural and ecological, matching their style to any interior, it's personal and unique.


♣ We weave everything completely by hand, with a large dose of heart and a hint of humor! Because this workshops is not only a beautiful item that you will take home afterwards – it’s also a nice time and relax.


♣ When the hands are working, the head is resting – this is how our workshops look like. During 5 hours of weaving together with fragrant straw, you will learn a special technique of working with this natural material – a spiral-knots technique.


♣ You will use tools that are made in the locksmith’s workshop – weaving needles designed by us. The tool and a sheaf of prepared straw is included in the price od the workshop. You can take it and continue the craft at home! 


♣ We invite adults and youth from 12 years of age. It can be also a family workshop if you want. 



Our master Paulina Adamska! She learned how to weave a  straw basket from her masters Jadwiga i Krzysztof Ciemieniewicz, from Podlasie region. In love with basketry for years, a source of ideas and a friend of masters, and above all – a talented basket maker, a specialist of willow, straw and other materials. A graduate of the University of Folk Artistic Craft and a craft instructor. You must meet her personally.




When - we will contact you and we are going to chosse the date together with you.

We are going to spend 5 hours together (during one day). 

Where - in our basketry center in Cieszyn, Srebrna 1 Street, Serfenta

The price is for one ticket, for one person. If you want you can buy two tickets or more and we are going to organise a group workshop for you. 


What's more?


♣ That's a great idea for a gift for someone! Or for … yourself!

♣ Trip to a beautiful town on the border Poland/ Czech Republic

♣ Coffee, tea and snack included in the price of the workshop

♣ We will talk about the value of the work of human hands and the need to create

♣ You’ll see beautiful baskets from around the world

Jadwiga and Krzysztof Ciemieniewicz

Basketry Masters Jadwiga and Krzysztof Ciemieniewicz, always with smiles on their faces, weave using rye straw and the looping technique. Jadwiga, along with her family, cuts and cleans the straw manually. We have created special basketry needles based on the tools used by her. 


Buy Serfenta basketry needles, designed and forged in a workshop in Cieszyn. 

Order a looping weaving workshop for your institution or take part in a workshop at Serfenta in Cieszyn.  


Jadwiga and Krzysztof’s baskets are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. By purchasing them, you support local Polish craft as well as Basketry Masters Jadwiga and Krzysztof directly. 

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These products are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. By purchasing them, you support local Polish craft and Polish Basketry Masters. You also support us – thanks to your order, we can organise basketry workshops. Come and join them! 


What you will find in our shop:  

100% handmade 

0% mass production – all the items are one of a kind 

Polish craftspeople 

tradition and modernity 

products for a good, long life. 


Some of the accessories are made on the basis of our own ideas: e.g. the needles, the apron, or the moulds. 

We draw inspiration from the vast experience of the best basket makers. 


Order a basketry workshop for groups for your institution!

Order a DIY kit for straw weaving.  

Order basketry materials or tutorial videos.  



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