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Wild spruce root basket

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The shape and structure of zogata basket make it one of a kind – on a global scale. Made of wild materials from the very heart of mountain forests in the south of Poland, it combines 3 sorts of wood: spruce roots, beech and ash. All baskets made of tree roots are the result of a very long and advanced process.


It’s elaborate and intricate, like a piece of filigree jewellery. It takes true craftsmanship to make a basket with such a tiny handle and a four legs. It’s a real collector’s item. 


There is only one basket maker in the world who weaves baskets of this type and this material.


It takes many days to make a zogata basket. The basket maker must find the roots, pull them manually, one by one, and then prepare them in a special way. It is carved on a shaving horse bench and then woven on a wooden mould. Even the tiny ear made of spruce branch has it’s own special place. All those steps are based on many years’ experience and knowledge of the environment and nature, of local materials, sustainability, and low impact. 


This is the only basket from Poland that had an honour to be presented on a Japanese tengui in the Kagoamidori crafts shop in Tokyo. It is the most popular basket among the Japanese customers, who value its meticulous design and quality workmanship. The basket is really small – in fact, this cutie pie is the smallest basket in our product range. It was handmade by an artisan with more than 60 years of experience.


We discovered Master Jan Zogata 15 years ago. We began our cooperation then and we’ve been good friends ever since. To find out more about this amazing person and our meeting, read  our book Baskets.


Together, we’ve made the first step to include this basket on the Polish List of Intangible Cultural Heritage and we hope to place it on the UNESCO list as well.


The numbers of this basket are limited.

It is 100% handmade, so the size of your basket may differ by about 2 cm from the description.

Goes well with:  

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Material: basket made of spruce roots, construction made of ash wood, legs made of beech wood.

The basket is 100% handmade, so the dimensions may vary by about 1-2 cm. 


Diameter  Height
10-12 cm 11-13 cm


Jan Zogata

Basketry Master Jan Zogata is the only basket maker in Poland who weaves using spruce roots. He manually carves the beech elements, obtains and prepares the spruce roots, and weaves the baskets. Jan took part in our project entitled “Master of Tradition”. Thanks to that, his apprentices are now able to preserve this unique craft. In cooperation with the local community, we are trying to include the spruce weaving skill on the Polish List of Intangible Cultural Heritage – this basket is absolutely worth it!  


Jan’s baskets are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. This is a Polish product made by a Basketry Master. By purchasing it, you support local Polish craft and Basketry Master Jan directly. 


Visit our YouTube channel to see how a spruce root basket is made. 

Order a basket making presentation or come for a study visit.  

Take a look at our cooperation with Basketry Masters and their apprentices. 


photo: Adam Brzoza

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