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Support Ukrainians in Poland through Serfenta’s craft. 

How can you help Ukrainian people with us? The best way for us it to do the best we can – and our best way is the craft. We’ve got many groups of people from Ukraine now in Poland – also in our town Cieszyn and towns near by like Ustroń, Wisła and even smaller villages.  


During this time children and mothers with childres who are escaping from war in their country, got many needs. The basic like schelter and food are taking care by hosting people. But also they need to make something in their time to stop thinking for a while. Also to meet other people – neigbours at the place but also other Ukrainian people, because they came from many different sides of the country. 


We want to create a common space and the basketry craft will be that what will connect us. We are going to make a workshop in Cieszyn in our place or in the place where groups of people leave together from the beginning of the war. 


We also know, that for Ukraine craft is a very important part of life. And we can propose a common work in this area – and also exchange our experience, stories, craft techniques, examples. We can find together simmilarities and diffrences in craft. We are from one, Slavic family. 


We’ve got 15 years of experience in craft with leading basketry workskops. We want to prepare an event - a special workshops for childrens or/and for adults with children. We can also give the space in Serfenta for talking, drinking coffe and meet each other around the craft table. 


When your hands are weaving – the head is resting. This is one of the basic needs now here, for people after many difficult experience. They just simply need a rest for a while and we know, that in craft you can find it. Touching the nature is also making you feel better for a while, we know that. 


Support/ donate a workshop 


Support this idea and prepare with us something special for refugees people – our new neighbours: 


Donate/buy a contribution, when we will collect five pieces – we will organise an event here in Serfenta/ in the place where they are staying. 

or if you want donate/buy a whole workshop HERE and we will organise an craft event here in Serfenta/ in the place where they are staying.  


During the event: 

We are going to invite people from Ukraine staying in our town (and towns near by) for a basketry workshop. It can be just for children or for children and adults together – depends of actual needs. Through the craft we are going to give them time for rest, to meet each other and to meet people from the town. 


We are going to use natural plants material to make – straw dolls with children, willow plates with teenagers and adults. 

Donate our idea to support people from Ukraine in our town Cieszyn, in Poland, in Serfenta. 

We are waiting for the end of this cruelty war.


Slava Ukrainie! 

Donate/buy a whole workshop HERE and we will organise an craft event here in Serfenta/ in the place where they are staying.  



These products are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. By purchasing them, you support local Polish craft and Polish Basketry Masters. You also support us – thanks to your order, we can organise basketry workshops. Come and join them! 


What you will find in our shop:  

100% handmade 

0% mass production – all the items are one of a kind 

Polish craftspeople 

tradition and modernity 

products for a good, long life. 


Some of the accessories are made on the basis of our own ideas: e.g. the needles, the apron, or the moulds. 

We draw inspiration from the vast experience of the best basket makers. 


Order a basketry workshop for groups for your institution!

Order a DIY kit for straw weaving.  

Order basketry materials or tutorial videos.  



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