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Straw craft workshop for everyone

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Special workshop for your group of family or friends - join the world of Serfenta!


We invite you to a special basketry workshop for a group of friends - max 3 person in a group. It is dedicated to 1-3 person, a group of friends or family. We are experienced teachers, we will lead the workshop in English. We are going to make a BOWL/ Bread BASKET  OF STRAW it's 100% natural and ecological, matching their style to any interior, it's personal and unique.


♣ Is it the first time with basketry for you? No worries! We are experienced with workshops "fot the first time" we are sure you are going to have fun and love this!


♣ We weave everything completely by hand, with a large dose of heart and a hint of humor! Because this workshops is not only a beautiful item that you will take home afterwards – it’s also a nice time and relax.


♣ When the hands are working, the head is resting – this is how our workshops look like. During 6 hours of weaving together with fragrant straw and hancrafted willow stripes, you will learn a special Polish technique of working with this natural material – a sewing technique. 


♣  We are going to use a fragrant, rhye straw, prepared before, a hand-maded willow stripes which we called "dartka" and a special tools. 


♣ You will use tools that are made in the locksmith’s workshop – weaving needles redesigned by us. You can buy tools and materials after the workshop and continue the craft at home! 


♣ We invite adults and youth from 12 years of age. It can be also a family workshop if you want- then contact us. 



Our masters Paulina Adamska or Katarzyna Kowalska! She both have learned how to weave a straw basket from our masters Jadwiga i Krzysztof Ciemieniewicz, from Podlasie region. In love with basketry for years, a source of ideas and a friend of masters, and above all – a talented basket maker, a specialist of willow, straw and other materials. They are graduated of the University of Folk Artistic Craft and a craft instructor. You must meet us personally!




When - we will contact you and we are going to chosse the date together with you.

We are going to spend 6 hours together (during one day). The break for a dinner is planned. A cup of coffee and tea of course included! 

Where - in our basketry center in Cieszyn, Srebrna 1 Street, Serfenta

The price is calculated for a group but if you want to join as an individual - it is possible.


What's more?


♣ That's a great idea for a gift for someone! Or for … yourself!

♣ Trip to a beautiful town on the border Poland/ Czech Republic

♣ Coffee, tea and snack included in the price of the workshop

♣ We will talk about the value of the work of human hands and the need to create

♣ You’ll see beautiful baskets from around the world


These products are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. By purchasing them, you support local Polish craft and Polish Basketry Masters. You also support us – thanks to your order, we can organise basketry workshops. Come and join them! 


What you will find in our shop:  

100% handmade 

0% mass production – all the items are one of a kind 

Polish craftspeople 

tradition and modernity 

products for a good, long life. 


Some of the accessories are made on the basis of our own ideas: e.g. the needles, the apron, or the moulds. 

We draw inspiration from the vast experience of the best basket makers. 


Order a basketry workshop for groups for your institution!

Order a DIY kit for straw weaving.  

Order basketry materials or tutorial videos.  



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