Aleksander Bielak

Basketry Master Aleksander Bielak is the oldest master in our team, he is almost 90 years old. For the most time of his life, he was weaving baskets with pine roots. He manually obtains, prepares, clean and divide the pine roots, and weaves the baskets. His workshop is special, situated in the small village near the house. Our partners from Japan - Kagoamidori shop -  have visited Poland especially to visit him with Serfenta, to know more about his work. You can buy his unique baskets in our shop, the number of items is limited. 


Aleksander's baskets are part of our offer thanks to our long-standing friendships formed during Serfenta’s basketry expeditions. This is a Polish product made by a Basketry Master. By purchasing it, you support local Polish craft and Basketry Master Aleksander directly. 

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